Welcome to Shuktara

Shuktara is a charity based in Kolkata, India, which provides care for children and young people with disabilities who have no family to take care of them.



On 10th March Pappu was called by Childline India Foundation because they had a girl they were unable to place. Muniya had been abandoned by her mother at Sealdah Train Station and left alone on a platform. She was rescued by CIF and kept in their shelter. For 4 months they tried to place her in a residential home but no one would take her. On 13th March, Lula Bari became her home. When she came she was quite quiet and a little bit unsure, obviously very traumatized by her situation, but slowly she has settled with us and is very happy. Pappu has already started proceedings for her to be admitted to REACH school in their Special Education Department, because she really wants to go to school with the other girls.

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